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I'm a freelance writer.

Food, travel, health. Ghostwriting. Blogging.

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Hache article

Our 5 Favorite Buenos Aires Wine Bars

Buenos Aires has a wine bar for every mood.

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National Geographic

A Local's Guide to Buenos Aires

To discover the charm of this vibrant city, slow down....

Billfold article
The Billfold

I Want More Plane Tickets Home – The Billfold

A plane ticket costs $1,000. But what am I really paying for?

Almond milk main article

Why Almond Milk is So Controversial

And why you should just make your own.

Paste article

Argentina: Running a Restaurant With 40 Percent Inflation

My parents like to reminisce about how much gas prices have changed since their childhood. In Argentina, we talk with the same sense of nostalgia about grocery prices from six months ago.

Anita article

What I Learned About Dating from my Badass Great-Great Grandmother's Diary

Reading Anita’s diary is like reading a romance novel. In 1889, she fended off two over enthusiastic suitors, turned 27, and unexpectedly found her soulmate. Oh, and she traveled on a boat from her childhood home of Valparaíso, Chile to New York City to start a new, independent life in the US.

Contently1 article

3 Cozy Date Night Spots in Buenos Aires

La Locanda, L'Adesso, and La Pastronería help turn up the gastronomic heat during Argentina's chilly winter season.

Hg photo article

What the day after the election is like when you're an American ...

I envy those who have gone through today without the weight of the next four years on their mind.

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127 Years Apart, but We're Still Both 20-Somethings

I thought I was bold for moving more than 6,000 miles south to Buenos Aires, Argentina, following my college graduation and starting a new life in an enormous city in South America. I felt a little less hard core, though, when through some weird coincidences and strategic Googling, I discovered that my great-great-grandmother had done just the same — in reverse — 127 years earlier.

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The Dairy In Your Diet Is Causing Your Acne | HoneyColony

Topical and oral mainstream medications are overwhelmingly favored for acne treatment, but they don’t address the root of the problem.

Bubble1 article

6 Tips for Whole30-ing in Argentina

If you’ve ever experienced the whirlwind love affair with empanadas, medialunas, dulce de leche, and Malbec only to have the honeymoon end with a sudden longing for a healthy change, keep reading.

Contently6 article

What Happens When Your Gap Year Becomes Your Reality ...

When I decided to take a gap year after college, everyone had an opinion.

Contently4 article
The Argentina Independent

La Salsera: The Home of Salsa in the City of Tango ‹ The Argentina ...

In the middle of the tango capital of the world, a different rhythm proliferates the dance floor at 961 Yatay, in Almagro.

Open uri20160825 3946 neb8zs article

Ostara Bistró: A Delicious Twist On The Traditional

For a country that values strong gastronomic traditions, and a population that is beginning to wake up to the magic of innovation in food culture, Ostara Bistró brings both together. From the complimentary campari-orange made with fresh squeezed orange juice on arrival, it is clear Ostara is on to something...

Contently3 article

Touring Buenos Aires With Upscale Burgers at Mi Barrio Recoleta

It's not just another burger place. It's a chance to get to know Buenos Aires through your mouth.